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Combining heat and energy efficiency with a sleek design, Euroblade™ Carbon Infrared Heaters are the perfect choice for your indoor or outdoor heating needs. From the bathroom, to the bedroom, the balcony, or even the barn - Euroblade's IP55 weather rating gives you options - and adjustable heat settings makes it suitable for any season.
Euroblade™ Carbon Infrared Heater Euroblade™ Carbon Infrared HeaterOn Sale
$299.95 $399.95
Euroblade Campfire 3n1 1500W IP55 Certified Heater Euroblade Campfire 3n1 1500W IP55 Certified HeaterOn Sale
$499.97 $599.97
Euroblade™ Heater Spare Mounting Brackets Euroblade™ Heater Spare Mounting BracketsOn Sale
$9.95 $14.95
Euroblade™ Spare Remote Control
Euroblade™ 2000W Heater Replacement Bulb