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Easy Rack Air Drying System

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The Easy Rack is the New Age Drying System that dries all your clothes  much faster than drip drying alone! The secret is it's ingenious fast flow, real breeze technology, which blows cool air through specially designed air flaps to mimic natures breeze and help evaporate all the moisture, leaving your clothes clean, fresh and dry in no time. It’s just like hanging your clothes out on the line in a summer breeze but you can do it all year round, whatever the weather! Why dry your clothes any other way?

Check out our YouTube channel for access to tips and tricks!

  • Ingenious real breeze technology blows cool air through curved air flaps, mimicking nature’s breeze to dry all garments faster than drip drying.
  • Two adjustable levels and four adjustable shelves provide over 12m of drying space.
  • Holds up to 15kg of laundry – enough for multiple loads on just one drying rack.
  • 32 clips on the sides for socks, undergarments, and other small items.
  • Up to 5,000 metres per hour of air flow for faster, safer and softer air drying.
  • Low energy for cheaper electricity bills than using a tumble dryer.
  • Suitable for all clothes, from shirts and skirts, to delicates and cashmere.
  • Clothes dry soft, with fewer wrinkles, ready to wear!
  • Folds down to just 12.7cm wide for easy storage.
  • Assembled dimensions 88cm x 66cm x 153cm
  • Made of sturdy and durable, steel and ABS.
  • Multi-directional wheels allow it to be moved anywhere, easily.
  • BONUS – Box includes 2 x Coat Hanger Extensions hold up to six coat hangers for extra drying space.


Check out our YouTube channel for access to tips and tricks!


Can you put pegs on it?

You may put pegs on your Easy Rack if you like! You will need pegs that can peg onto a thicker pole.

Does it require power?

The unit comes with a cord that plugs into the unit, and the other end into your standard power point. 

How does the fan work?
The drying rack plugs into your standard Australian power point. Cool breeze flows out of the vents and effectively dries your clothes, 50% faster than normal rack drying! 

How expensive is it to run?
The Easy Rack only uses 24Watts. This is very low compared to some typical household appliances. For example, a portable fan heater uses between 1000 W – 2400 W per hour and costs between $0.30 – $0.70 per hour to use. The Easy Rack will use a tiny fraction of this!

Will my laundry blow away?

Nope! The Easy Rack emits a lovely cool breeze so it isn’t too strong to send your laundry flying!

How long is the cord?

The cord is 1.2m

Is it faster than a normal clothes horse?
Absolutely, be sure to follow the instructions provided to get the best use out of your Easy Rack.

What is the warranty? 

1 year warranty from date of purchase. The warranty does not include damage by force. 

If you have any further questions or would like to make a warranty claim, please reach out to us

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great concept. Not for outdoor use

I really love the concept of this and the design.
It's very handy, but the quality of it is not what I expected.
All the parts are very light and a bit flimsy and I'm worried they will break easily.
I won't use it outside as the one time I did, a gust of wind blew it over and I had to put it back together.
The air flow option is great in theory, but is actually quite loud and only blows the clothes in the middle bottom layer.
I would still recommend this / purchase this again for winter use, but only at half price which I paid.

Litisha Heta
Parts for sale

Do u sell the green socks and underwear poles separately??
My rack was outside it blew over x2 green parts broke.

Love it

Love my drying rack, I use it all the time. So easy to move around the house. The coat hanger extensions and clips on the side for small items are very handy.
I also have to say I have received great customer service from ShowTV, will be shopping with you again!

Tanya Kraus
Love it!

I'm very happy with this purchase. It is strong, easy to move around and the fan at the bottom helps to dry the washing quicker than a normal clothes horse.

joanne michele rayment
Great! Sturdy and big enough for towels

Very happy, plenty of room even drys my towels. Fits on my balcony easily, is quite sturdy ,moves easily , when fan is on dries clothes quickly, thanks very happy.