What's The Difference Between Euroblade™ and Tevo?

The Euroblade™ XT series of carbon infrared heaters is brand new for 2024! Our Euroblade™ Original has been a best seller for many years and we are excited to bring the new XT series, including 3 new models to market in 2024.

People often ask us what are the differences of Euroblade™ heaters Vs Tevo/Tiva heaters (MODEL NUMBER: SNBHTR). Here's a quick run down for you.

1. How weatherproof are they?

All Euroblade™ Heaters carry an independently lab
certified IP55 weatherproof rating. This IP (Ingress Protection) rating is a measure of the level of protection against solid objects and liquids. It is the internationally recognised certification standard for this. Tevo/Tiva carries an IPX4 rating which means that they have not been certified for solids ingress and carry a 4 rating for liquid ingress. See the IP rating chart at the bottom of this page for a more detailed explanation.

2. How much power do they use?

The Euroblade™ XT series consists of 3 different models. the XT MAXI and XT SUNTOWER both have a maximum power rating of 2000 Watts and this is the same as the Tevo/Tiva which is also 2000 Watts. The Euroblade™ XT MINI has a maximum power rating of 1200 Watts and is ideal for use in smaller areas like bedrooms and bathrooms.

3. Do they have different power settings?

Both the Euroblade™ XT MAXI and the Tevo/Tiva have 4 power settings ranging from 800W at the lowest setting to 2000W at maximum setting. The Euroblade™ XT MINI also has 4 power settings, from 600W minimum setting to 1200W Maximum Setting. The Euroblade™ XT SUNTOWER has 2 settings, 1000W and 2000W.

4. Can they be mounted on the ceiling?

The Euroblade™ XT MAXI and XT MINI can be either ceiling or wall mounted which makes them ideal for cafes, restaurants, warehouses, workshops etc. The Tevo/Tiva has a tip over protection switch which makes unclear if it is suitable to be ceiling mounted or not. The Euroblade™ XT SUNTOWER does not need any mounting as it is designed as a freestanding, portable unit with tip over protection. Note: the XT SUNTOWER cannot be wall or ceiling mounted.

5. Can you mount them on a stand?

The Euroblade™ XT MAXI and XT MINI are designed for wall or ceiling mounting only, they may not be used on a stand. The Tevo/Tiva may be used on a stand (sold separately) as it has tip over protection switch. The Euroblade™ XT SUNTOWER has a weighted base and tip over protection so it is designed to be fully free standing and portable without the next for an additional stand to mount upon.

6. What is the warranty?

All Euroblade™ products come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. The Tevo/Tiva comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Do they have a motion sensor?

The Euroblade™ XT series models do not contain a motion sensor. After extensive testing we decided not to include this in our production models. All Euroblade™ XT Series models come with a timer function. The Tevo/Tiva comes with both a motion sensor and timer function.

8. Do they come with Brackets and remote included?  

Yes both the XT MAXI, XT MINI and Tevo/Tiva come with a set of brackets included for mounting and a remote control. Note: the XT SUNTOWER is not designed for mounting and therefore brackets are not included but the remote is.

9. Do they look good?

Well on this one we have to admit we are just a little bit biased! We believe the Euroblade™ XT series heaters are the best looking infrared heaters on the market, but in the end only you can decide the real answer to this!

10. How do I order my new infrared heater and what is the price?

Here at SHOWTV™ we believe easy is best. All you need to do is click though to our website and you can see the prices of all of our units in plain sight. To order simply add the product or bundle to your shopping cart, click through to check out then and there in one simple order page. There is no need for extended phone calls just to find out the price. We aim to ship products from our Melbourne Warehouse within 24 hours of receiving your order!



IP ratings indicate the level of protection against solid objects and liquids, denoted by two digits (e.g., IP55) ensuring device durability and safety.


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Linda (Auckland, NZ)
Euroblade Heater

Great heaters. Have had in the past and is the only heater that provides good heat in our freezing building. Bought again 2 heaters and one of them stopped working after 2 months. Show TV replaced under warranty. Great service!


Great product - thoroughly recommend!!

Daniel Wirth (Christchurch, NZ)

Euroblade™ XT Series IP55 SUNTOWER 2000W Portable Carbon Infrared Heater

Stephen Pawson (Auckland, NZ)
For the cold times.

Just came back from Time away. Tried out the heater. Awsome

Paul Ludeman (Auckland, NZ)

Euroblade™ XT Series IP55 MAXI 2000W Carbon Infrared Heater