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FRYAIR™ Touch XL + Ice Cream Maker Value Bundle

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For a very limited time, buy the best selling FRYAIR™ Touch XL 10 Litre air fryer (With all the accessories, including the deluxe accessory pack) and get a Swift+Mix™ 1 Litre Ice Cream Maker valued at $99.97 for just an extra $50!

Stock is very limited so take advantage of this fantastic value bundle special while it lasts!

What's in the package?

  • FryAir Touch XL 10 Litre capacity Air Fryer - Choose from two colour options Classic White or  Midnight Black!
  • Tongs - for lifting hot food out of the FryAir
  • Baking Cage - Use the baking cage to cook french fries, wedges, roasted root veges, prawns or any other foods that require constant turning to achieve even cooking.
  • Rack - The rack can be used in either the high or low position depending on how close you need the food to be to the heat source.  The low rack is best for foods that require longer cooking while the high rack is good for quicker cooking foods such as chicken wings, pizza and prawns.
  • Rotisserie Set - Use for roasting your favourite meats evenly by rotisserie.
  • Grease Filter to protect the heating element
  • Instruction manual and recipe inspiration booklet

Buy your FryAir Touch today and we will also include a Deluxe Accessory Package absolutely FREE! 

  • Skewer Rack - 10 prong kebab wheel perfect for bbq kebabs all year round
  • Flat Rack - designed for fish and flat meats and great for toasting bread (uses rotisserie pole)
  • 24cm Oven Tray - great for pasta, potatoes etc.
  • 24cm Steamer Tray - for steaming vegetables, fish etc.

PLUS receive a Swift+Mix™ 1 Litre Ice Cream Maker

  • Including a recipe inspiration guide
  • For Video Tutorials Click Here 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chato Page
Good but could be better

I enjoy using this air fryer but already showing some wear in a very short time. Particularly the high parts on the removable base are starting to lose their non stick coating despite always cleaning very gently.

Also only used ice cream maker once and I noticed a crack in freezer bowl where water trapped inside can leak out.

If this product had a better build quality I would rate it 5 stars. Hopefully the ice cream maker and the air fryer will last at least a few years.

Michelle C
Lid has small gap, sadly no ice cream maker, base pops out when putting it in the casing

Love this air fryers absolutely. We purchased via a brilliant promoter at Costco - apparently the bonus accessory package was the only offer - only to discover this deal two days later, bummer.

Noticed a gap starting to appear at the front of the unit, but I think the unit lid sits over the main receptacle but all photos on this site show it with no gap.

Also have a small piece of plastic stuck in the clear lid - like a little strip - no biggie.

Last night cooked pork (most amazing crackling) and washed the main receptacle. Pop it in, it pops out on the right hand side, after seven or eight tries it looks like it’s staying put but noticed whilst pork was cooking, gap disappeared. Wondering if the base is bending out of shape, told the unit doesn’t get hot on the sides but that is not true. It gets burning hot, which is actually no surprise.

But, love the food it cooks. It’s quick. It is the lowest wattage air fryer on the market to my knowledge which means it’s perfect for camping. It’s well-priced, the recipe book is pretty light-on as Pauline also noted.

Definitely worth a purchase. Just curious re the feedback above.

Pauline Blake

I love my FryAir fryer Touch and accessories but was disappointed with the recipe book that came with it. It’s a little light actually very light on Recipes, ideas and suggestions. Whilst I’ve looked for other cookbooks to buy specifically for air fryers, it would be great to get a comprehensive one specifically for this model/product.