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With the ShowerWow you can have a beautiful looking shower enclosure or bath screen with very little effort.

Say goodbye to soap scum or lime build up. Simply wipe away any excess water after showering to keep lime scale and soap build up at bay. It’s also great for other areas of the home, such as tiles, windows and even your car windscreen.
Thanks to its unique silicone blade the ShowerWow cleans surfaces without leaving streaks.The ShowerWow is designed to dry smooth wet surfaces without effort and is safe to use on most types of material. The highly flexible blade is suitable for windows, mirrors, shower screens, curved glass, car glass, bench tops, tiles and even floors.ShowerWow - quick, easy cleaning!

  • 20cm Showerwow
  • Silicone wiper blade
  • Double lip provides the perfect removal of water
  • Suction Hook for hanging the showerWow
  • Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

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robert moffitt/jenny moffitt

this is a very good product, works well, only drawback it squeaks all the time