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15m Ultimate Steel Garden Hose + Ultimate Nozzle Pack

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The Ultimate Hose with the Ultimate Hose nozzle. Purchase together and save.

The Amazing Metal Garden Hose...

Made of stainless steel this 15 metre (50ft) garden hose is compact, lightweight, and more flexible than any other hose.  

Metal Garden Hose is made of 304 Stainless Steel, which is UV resistant and reflects the harmful effects of the sun.  Keeping it cooler to the touch than other hoses. Corrosion-resistant, protecting it against the elements. 

Need more convincing, here are 6 great reasons why you'll love the Metal Garden Hose...

  1. KINK RESISTANT - Spiro-shield Technology construction keeps the Metal Garden Hose Kink Free
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing only 2kgs., the Metal Garden Hose's super lightweight design makes it the easiest hose to carry.
  3. UNREELS AND COILS PERFECTLY - The Metal Garden Hose with Spiro-shield Technology practically unreels itself and coils perfectly every time.
  4. COOL TO THE TOUCH - Metal Garden Hose won't get hot in the sun.
  5. UV RESISTANT - Metal Garden Hose won't dull or dry out!
  6. CORROSION RESISTANT - Metal Garden Hose won't rust or crack!
  7. 10 YEAR WARRANTY!!!

Metal Garden hose is tough as nails and is guaranteed puncture-proof.

Buy yours today with this special offer and receive the 50ft Ultimate HOSE AND Ultimate Hose NOZZLE all for one low price!

Our handy heavy duty nozzle has adjustable stream patterns (strength & width) which you can adjust for different tasks.  Engineered from extruded aluminium, stainless steel, reinforced plastic and comfort-grip soft rubber, the Ultimate Hose Nozzle is built to last forever.

  • Industrial strength
  • Fire hose nozzle construction
  • Adjustable spray pattern for all jobs
  • Turns standard garden hoses into multi-function spray tools

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
robert moffitt/jenny moffitt

very good hose and fittings, would buy again

Sharon Tomlinson
Great Product

Very happy with this hose as it does not kink and unravels very easily