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Let me take you back…

You’re young, three or four years old. You’re running around outside playing tag. Suddenly, a loose shoe lace sneaks under one of your feet and the next thing you know you’re lying on the ground with bloody knees and tears running down your face. You pull yourself up off the floor and make your way inside your house. Doing your best impression of the wailing woman at the opera and heading straight for your room to begin the pity party for one, you see the steam wafting out of the bathroom and find a nice hot bath with your favourite toys waiting for you...


You’re a bit older now, 13 or 14. You’re running late for school. You’ve left your room in a mess because you didn’t have time to clean it in between watching TV and building that school project you left until the last minute. In a rush, you spoon cereal into your mouth, take a last sip of your orange juice, grab your bag and run out of the door. Later that afternoon when you arrive home, your room is clean, your dishes have been done and your bed is freshly made…

Fast forward a few years. You’re now entering your 20’s, and the stress of trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, on top of juggling all the responsibilities of adulthood is overwhelming. You decide to go home for a few nights to visit your family. As soon as you walk into your house, the smell of your favourite dinner fills the air and instantly you smile, relaxing from the responsibilities that you were consumed by a mere few hours ago…

Believe it or not, these things didn’t appear out of thin air. It wasn’t magic that healed your aches and pains, it wasn’t pixies or fairies that cleaned up after you and it wasn’t the food that cooked itself…

It was your mother.

They look after us when we’re young, put up with us as we grow older and continuously support us when we leave the nest. It's no secret that mothers, or mother figures, are the biggest legends around.

I’m sure, like the rest of the world, when Mother’s Day creeps up on you every year, you  feel the panic and dread of having to find your female role model something nice, meaningful, useful and sentimental all at the same time. On top of this, you feel the need to try and get her something that makes up for everything she’s done for you throughout your life. This is an impossible task at the best of times, afterall, nothing will make up for your having to go without wine for 9 months, let alone everything else she’s done for you over the years!


And while you can’t pay your mother figures back for everything she has done for you over the years, here at Show TV we are making this Mother’s Day easier than ever.


To make your life easy and help you suprise your mum, we have put together a special 'Mother's Day' section of our website with our best products for mums all around the country!


With products made for mother figures who deserves something special, shop for beauty, cooking, cleaning, health, relaxation and everything in between!


Not all heroes wear capes, but all mothers deserve something special this Mother's Day!


Mother's Day – ShowTV Australia

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