Our Mission

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re lying on the couch at home thinking about that awesome new product you have wanted for ages. Taking a chance you pick your phone up and google the product, unbelievably you find it available online! Checking through the specifications and picking the colour you want, you mentally arrange the new product in your home as the checkout loads. Your excitement levels are at an all time high as you prepare to enter your card details, when suddenly you notice a message that stops you in your tracks. ‘This product will be shipped from the US and is charged in US dollars, please allow at least 4 weeks shipping time.’ and just like that your hopes and dreams evaporate right in front of your eyes. You don’t want to wait 4 weeks for your product to arrive, you don’t want to pay in a foreign currency with how many extra sneaky charges on top, and you certainly don’t want to give your money to a company halfway around the world with no guarantee your product will even show up! Would you even be able to talk to a real person if you needed something?! With sadness and despair you exit the screen and lie looking up at the ceiling.  

“What should I do?” You think to yourself. “I want this product, I need this product… But there is nowhere in Australia that I can get it from.”

All of a sudden, a bellowing voice fills your head “SHOW TV…” it echoes throughout your mind.

Confused, you pick up your phone once more and google ‘Show TV’. Low and behold, a website pops up in front of you. Intrigued, you scroll through the website and you can’t believe your eyes.

Product after product appears in front of you. Products that you need. Products that you want. Products that you wish you had!

As you scroll down the page, you discover that Show TV is based in Melbourne and is an Australian company that has been around for over 10 years, selling products throughout the whole of Australia at home shows, events, television and now through many social channels!

This new world is exciting, but almost too good to be true. Delving further into your search you realise that they dispatch their orders the same day if you order before 12pm!

Frantically, you look at your watch.

“11.30” you mutter to yourself, trying to calculate how many products you can buy before the clock strikes 12 pm.

‘Finally’ you think to yourself, you’ve found a safe haven, the place you've always been looking for.

Remembering that Show TV not only has an amazing website to service the whole of Australia, but that they also travel all over the country demonstrating their ground breaking products, you click over to the ‘About Us’ tab on the website and find a link to ‘Live Shows’. Here you find an itinerary of all the upcoming events Show TV will be physically attending, there’s sometimes even two or three shows a week! ‘How do they do it?’ you think to yourself as you shake your head in disbelief. The idea of being able to go to a show and get a real life in person demonstration of a product from an expert is almost too much to ask for! You note down when they are coming to your town next and make a plan to check out their demo for yourself! 

Finally you see the link to their social channels; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, just to name a few! You check out their channels and find entertaining and informative videos displaying the great range of Show TV products and even a special discount code here and there! 

Your order is placed now and within minutes you have received a personalised email welcoming you to the Show TV family, you aren’t just a number to them, you are a lifelong member of their community, and you know that you won’t have any issues tracking and receiving your order.

Sitting back relaxed and calm, you enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon and look forward to your product arriving at your doorstep with love and care from a local Aussie company.

Here at Show TV, our mission is to make this story a reality. We consistently bring the world’s latest trending products to our small corner of the globe to provide Aussies with top of the line products at a competitive price.

Providing Aussies with the world's coolest products for over 10 years, here at Show TV, we continuously strive to give our fellow Aussies what they deserve. With friendly local service and a familiar Aussie smile, get the products you’ve always wanted from within Australia!