WindoWow™ E-Blade FAQ's

Do you need batteries?

No. The E-Blade runs off a built in lithium ion battery, that is rechargeable! There is a wall charger included in the package so you can charge your WindoWow E-Blade just like you charge your phone.

What is the life time for the battery?

In regards to how long the battery will last, this will depend on how long the product is used for and also how often. We can confirm that the Battery Capacity is 2000mAh and like all lithium-ion batteries, it is designed for hundreds of charge cycles but performance and capacity slowly degrade over time.

How long does it take to charge?

It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge your E-Blade

How much operating time do you get from one charge?

You will get between 30 and 45 mins of operation from a full charge. We find that this is usually plenty of time to do all the windows in your house, depending on how many you have! A good tip is to turn the vaccum off between windows while you are washing and preparing the next.

How do you get the best results?

We recommend initially hosing down your windows to get rid of any excess dirt. You can them give them a deeper clean by using washing up detergent and water (hot or cold) with the microfibre washer provided in the value pack! This makes sure that they get a thorough clean, removes greasy marks (like fingerprints) and loosens and stubborn grime. The E-Blade vacuum can then be used to suck up the excess water and dirt and leave the windows dry and streak free.

Please note that for best results you should wipe the blade regularly using the blue microfibre cloth included in the package. This removes any dirt buildup from the blade and ensures best performance using the E-Blade as shown in the video.

Also, you do not need to use too much pressure, but enough to create a bend in the blade so it is providing adequate suction on the window.

Feel free to check out our videos for further hints and tips on how to assemble and use your e-blade

How to empty reservoir?

Lift up the blue flap on the underside of your E-Blade
and tip the excess water into garden or sink.

How do I clean inside the tank?

You can clean inside the E-Blade’s reservoir by lifting up the blue flap underneath the unit and flushing under a warm tap. Add a drop of detergent, close the flap and shake the unit, rinse and dry.

How do I replace the blade?

It’s easy to replace your silicone blade, there is a spare blade included in each E-Blade pack and extras available on our website. Simply remove the four screws with a screwdriver or reverse drill. Remove old blade and slide in the new blade and retighten the screws,
ensuring your new blade is nice and flat.

How long does the blade last?

It all depends on how often you use your E-Blade. You will know when you need to replace your silicone blade by the way it looks and
how it performs.

Can I use any charger that fits?

Always use the charger that came with your product! To get the best performance out of the battery you need to use the 240V charger
that comes with your E-Blade. If
you use a different charger it may not charge your E-Blade properly, which can damage the battery in the long term.

What cleaning solution can I use?

Any normal non corrosive house hold cleaner is great! We highly recommend dish liquid cause it cuts through grease and dirt and is easy, cheap and does a great job.

What is the warranty?

The warranty for the WindoWow E-Blade is 3 years, excluding normal wear and tear on the unit and accessories or damage by force or misuse.