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How do I clean my Woll Cookware?

Woll Cookware likes to be cleaned just like a normal dish.

Wash it with warm soapy water in the sink or put it in the dishwasher it's up to you! Every now and then it's a good idea to put water in your pan or pot with a little dishwashing liquid and pop it on the stove and let it boil. If you have used oil it can sometimes build up on the surface and this will help to clean it off. Because the surface of Woll is non-porous it doesn't need to be seasoned or to keep oil in it so please do wash your pan properly.

What oil can I use on my Woll Cookware Pan?

Woll's non-stick surface is designed so you don't need to use any oil however sometimes it's nice to for flavouring or crumbed foods. All oils have a high or low smoke point, this is the point where an oil will burn. You do not want oil to burn in your pan, it's bad for you plus it can stick to and damage the non-stick surface (this applies to ALL non-stick cookware). If you are cooking at a low temperature you can cook with any oil but if you are cooking at a mid - high temperature please check the back of the bottle and make sure it has a smoke point of 220°C or higher. The higher the better!

The Best Oils to use are (Please do still check the back of the bottle though as different brands vary with their smoke points):

- Avocado Oil

- Coconut Oil

- Rice Bran Oil

Please note: Olive Oil is generally a bad oil to use when cooking on medium to high. Olive oil is designed to be used for pastas, salads and breads. However some refined olive oils do have a high smoke point so once again, check the back of the bottle for this information.

Can I really put the handles in the oven?

Yes, please do. Woll handles can 'handle temperatures' of up to 250°C so you can use them for casseroles, baking and roasting. Very versatile! Note: this does not apply to the detachable handles, we recommend detaching them before putting them in the oven, whilst the handle can handle heat, the little spring inside may not.

Will Woll Cookware work on induction cooktops?

Yes it most certainly will, most of our range comes in the 'Titan' range or 'Induction' range, simply select the induction option from the drop down and that will ensure you receive the right cookware for your induction cooktop. Induction cookware will also work on all other cooktop surfaces.

I have a question about my Woll pan, who can I call?

Call our customer service department on 1800 441 441 . You will need a proof of purchase for any warranty claims and the return address is 38 Goodyear Drive, Thomastown, Victoria, 3074.

What is the warranty on my Woll pan?

All Woll Titan Best, Induction Line, Concept Plus and Pressure Pro pots and pans have a 25 year warranty on the structure of the pan and a 3 year warranty on the surface.  Both the Clean Lid and Edge Kinves have a 2 year all round warranty. If there is a manufacturing problem with your pan please contact us on either 1800 441 442 or