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Nellie's Ninety-Nine

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Nellie's Ninety-Nine: Just add water and salt.

Say hello to Nellie's Ninety-Nine, the cleaning solution that turns ordinary table salt into a powerful household cleaner in minutes. Simply add half a teaspoon of iodised table salt to 200ml of regular tap water. Then let the Nellie's Ninety-Nine go to work generating a skin-safe household disinfectant. (sodium hypochlorite) 

Regular chemical cleaners are not only costly on your wallet, but they can contribute to waterway pollution. Be kind to your pocket and our environment by making your own in-home sanitising solution. Make it as you need it and sanitise your whole house the Nellie's way.

The things we LOVE about Nellie's Ninety-Nine.....

  • The fine mist sprayer is ergonomic and delightful to use. You'll see what we mean...
  • Making your own solution takes just 16 minutes. Make a cup of tea and watch the magic happen.
  • It's portable; just plug the wireless USB charging base in and make a sanitising cleaning solution anywhere.
  • Just two ingredients and Nellie's Ninety-Nine creates a planet-friendly deodoriser that is scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Leave household cleaner off your weekly shopping list. It's one less thing to buy, and we know you'll enjoy making your own cleaner as you need it. 
  • 500g of salt will make over 33 litres of cleaning solution. You do the math...
  • The indicator light lets you know when the electrolysis is active or complete. Difficult, we think not.

Add Nellie's Ninety-Nine to your home today and sanitise the natural way. 

What is electrolysed water?

What comes in the package?

  • Stunning heavy duty polymer bottle with micro mist spray nozzle 
  • Measuring spoon
  • Charging/Activating dock
  • Usb cable and 5v2amp charger
  • Full set of instructions


Bottle makes 400ml of cleaning solution
Bottle height: 260mm
Bottle height on charger: 275mm
Diameter at base: 80mm
Charging cord length 1 metre
Leaping Bunny Certified (we don't test on animals!)
2 Year Warranty

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