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WindoWow Microfiber Washer Replacement Pad

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WindoWoW 30cm Micro-Fiber Washer Cloth - Replacement Pad/Cloth

The Micro-fibre cloth aides the WindoWoW to clean and dry those hard to reach places in and around the car and home.  Just the tool you need to clean blinds, shutters and other objects with narrow spaces. The soft brush like fiber is great for removing insects on car wind shields and headlight lenses.  Cleaning is made easy with the WindoWoW. A must have for any household cleaning kit!

  • Machine washable
  • Made in Italy
  • Micro-fiber washer refill cloth

See our other listings to purchase the WindoWoW™ and optional extendable pole.

Customer Reviews

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Narelle Giles
Best Window Washer

Thank you very much for your product. I love very much. It works perfectly for what I need. Also your service is impeccable. I love shopping with.