Dad’s come in many different forms, whether they be a biological dad, or someone else who represents the male figure in your life, it’s nice to spend a day each year showing your father figure how much they mean to you and celebrate them! At Show TV Australia we have a variety of products that we reckon will make your Dad the happiest one in Australia this Father’s Day 2022. We’ve compiled a special ‘Dad’s Deals’ collection on our website of the best Father’s Day gifts which you can check out here to show your dad how much they mean to you! And we thought it would be fun to feature some of our top picks for Father’s Day gifts here, and explain the best ways to use them with your dad! So read on and let’s give your dad the best Father’s Day ever!

Whether your dad is a car guy, a sports fan, a camper, an avid fisherman or something else - there’s always a need for a lightweight, portable, and robust seat wherever he goes! Our Original Sabre Stool is a dad must have this Father’s Day, and any other day too! These portable stools fold down to the size of a frisbee and can be stored anywhere! With a long carry strap on the stool, transporting your seat to any event has never been easier, and with a simple pull, twist, and lock motion, your stool is ready to go in seconds! With a 150kg weight capacity, and 100’s of unique sabre tooth style latches that instantly lock tightly into place, you can sit back and relax knowing your Sabre Stool is securely supporting you! Your dad will have hours of fun showing off his new gadget and it will be a real conversation starter at the game, or next fishing sesh! With six colours in the range, there’s one for every type of dad in Aussie!

-Easy to assemble - twist, lock and enjoy in seconds!

- Lightweight and portable.

- Adjustable height, one size fits all.

- Sabre tooth style lock system supports up to 150kg.

- Camping, fishing, sports, hunting, plus many more.

- Comes in 6 awesome colours.


If your dad is anything like mine, he’s probably got a buggered back from years of hard yakka. No amount of painkillers relieve the ongoing pain and his favourite chair has been off limits for years as that’s “the only place his back doesn’t play up”. If this is all sounding familiar, your dad needs a Casada™ Maxiwell III this Father’s Day to give him the gift of relaxation! The Maxiwell III is the best way to enjoy a luxurious massage at home! With two massage speeds, dad can control his comfort. The Shiatsu deep tissue massage style relives muscle tension and strengthens the musculature of his back, plus he can choose between clockwise or anticlockwise circular motions for the perfect directional massage! There’s a vibration feature which activates the lymphatic system and blood circulation and even a heating function for ultimate relaxation! This is the must have Father’s Day gift for a bloke full of aches and pains!

- The Shiatsu deep tissue massage style relieves muscle tension.

- Two massage speeds.

-Vibration and heating functions.

- Made from Industrial Grade Synthetic Upper and genuine Jade massage heads.

- Massages neck, shoulders, back, legs, feet, abdomen and chest.


Is your dad the king of the grill?? What better gift for Father’s Day 2022 than a Woll™ Cookware Teppanyaki Grill Sheet to level up his grilling game! This German engineered cookware range is the crème de la crème when it comes to quality cookware, and it will be sure to impress those dads who love to cook! The Teppanyaki Grill Sheet is a wonderfully versatile cooking tool able to be used on top of your stove/element as a large frying pan – terrific for big breakfasts, kebabs, and delicious pancakes for the whole family! And how about those summer BBQs? Bring your Teppanyaki Grill Sheet out to the BBQ and make cleaning up so much easier! Fantastic for cooking dishes involving sauce, or getting the perfect charcoal layer to chicken, prawns, fish, scallops and of course - steak! Then pop it back inside in the oven and turn it into the best baking tray for cookies, and roast veges! Otherwise, use it under the hot grill in your oven for the crispiest bacon, and roast meat of your life! Your dad will be drooling just thinking about all of the delicious ways he can use his new grilling best friend!

- Outstanding high quality and excellent cooking results.

- Versatile, durable and non-stick.

- Absorbs heat optimally and distributes it evenly.

- Use as a large frying pan, a BBQ grill plate, an oven grill sheet and an oven roasting/baking tray.

- Made in Germany.


Give your dad the gift of heat this Father’s Day and never send him out in the cold ever again! Our infrared heater is one of our best-selling Show TV Australia products and something that every home should have! The Euroblade™ is beautifully designed to be mounted directly to a wall or celling space. Infrared heating is ideal for indoor or outdoor patios, gardens, dining areas, bathrooms, warehouses, shops, farms etc. It is IP55 certified weatherproof and economical to run with a slick modern design. Easy 10 minute installation with standard 3 pin plug, means no need for an electrician! 4 different heat settings – 800W, 1200W, 1600W and 2000W give you control over the heat output and power consumption. It even comes with a handy remote so your dad can be in charge of the warmth no matter where he is! Get your dad a Euroblade™ Carbon Infrared Heater this Father’s Day and dine alfresco all year round!

- 4 heat settings: 800W, 1200W, 1600W and 2000W.

- Water resistant IP55 weatherproof certification.

- Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

- Economical to run.

- Includes a handy remote control.

- Comes in black or silver.


If you like the sound of any of these Father’s Day gift ideas, or you want to see what else Show TV has on offer, check out our ‘Dad’s Deals’ collection here and let’s give your father figure the best Father’s Day of his life!

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