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15 years ago, after demonstrating, pitching and selling The Miracle Shammy at the London Ideal Home Show, fellow backpackers Darryl, Phil and Bridget returned home with a dream, to start their own business that provided Australians with access to the coolest trending products from around the world at a great price. The vision to elevate and inspire the way people accessed these products began in a humble flat and over the period of 15 years Show TV has grown to become an international business.

Not straying far from its roots, the heart of Show TV is based around providing local, friendly service, with a positive attitude and a familiar smile and while years of hard work and determination has seen Show TV grow significantly, last year we were faced with perhaps our biggest struggle to date. Coronavirus. With the world panicked by the COVID-19 pandemic that started sending country after country into a nationwide lockdown, here in our little corner of the world, we prepared for the worst.

As home shows around the country were canceled and our largest form of revenue was put on standby, we thought we had perhaps seen the last of Show TV. Unsure about what to do, we had a meeting with our employees, mapping out a plan for the year. The one thing that we didn’t forget, which is perhaps the thing that saved us in the end, was our positive attitudes, so we decided to load up our cars with our products and head home, ready for lockdown.

Gathering our team together (virtually of course) we decided to start demonstrating our products online on our social media channels. I’m sure you can imagine the chaos of trying to pitch a product with children and partners running in and out of the background, but this actually proved to be one of our biggest strengths. We could finally demonstrate how to use our products in an everyday environment. Children got involved, partners helped out and we began to see a response from our customers that we had never seen before. People appreciated seeing the chaos of our lives because it was real, it was relatable. These people, the ones who watched our videos and laughed at the chaos of our lives in lockdown but still supported our business, helped save Show TV and for that we couldn’t be more grateful.

This brings us to today...

Never losing sight of the foundations that we were made from, we have adapted and developed over the years to supply Australians with trending products from across the world in the most convenient way possible. They say that your biggest challenges are also the ones that shape you, and we couldn’t resonate more with this. The Coronavirus lockdown has helped us develop and adapt, allowing us to take our services into a digital space, as well as continuing with our much loved live trade events. We want to connect with our customers in the best way possible, and to do that, we are going to continue being open, honest and transparent. We want to build a community of like minded people and bring you the best products worldwide at a reasonable price.

We will be putting together weekly blogs to bring you exciting news, new products, keep you updated on our show schedule and provide you with the best deals available.

Above all, we want you to join us on this journey, so together we can adapt, grow and continue bringing you great products from across the world.

So stay safe and stay tuned for more exciting news to come.Live Trade Events.

Nellie's live demonstration

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