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VERTEX Cookware - 6 Piece Pan Set

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Introducing VERTEX Cookware. This stylish and durable 6-piece set includes approx. 20cm, 26cm, and 30cm" pans with safety glass lids. It is the perfect set to satisfy multiple cooking styles such as frying, saut̩éing, broiling, and more.

Product Details

  • Quick-release, hybrid technology
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Compatible with all cooktops
  • Oven-safe for up to 260 deg C
  • Easy care and cleaning
  • PFOA-free


Welcome to the realm of Vertex - High quality, high performance, non-toxic & durable non stick cookware. Each pan becomes a canvas for your culinary artistry – a symphony of flavours orchestrated with ease and elegance.


Vertex - Tough Cookware that is built to last

Indulge in the epitome of culinary sophistication with Vertex Cookware. Our pans are meticulously crafted with a cast anodised aluminium core, ensuring unparalleled durability and even heat distribution. The stainless steel exterior exudes timeless elegance and strength, while the showstopper lies in the hybrid cooking surface

✨ High Performance Non Stick: Glide through your culinary creations effortlessly with our high-performance non-stick surface.

✨ PFOA Free: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our PFOA-free coating, ensuring your cooking remains pure and free from harmful substances.

✨ Versatility Unleashed: Seamlessly transition from stove to oven with cookware that's compatible with all cooktops, including induction. 

 Oven Safe up to 260 °C: Take your culinary adventures to new heights with completely oven-safe handles, allowing you to roast, bake and grill to your hearts content. Always use mittens to remove from the oven!

✨ Scratch Resistant Surface: Spatula, spoon, whisk away! 

✨ No Fuss Cleaning: Effortlessly maintain the pristine allure of your cookware - The non stick will ensure all the mess will breezily wipe away with hot soapy water and a sponge.

✨ Sizes with Style: Versatile sizes 20cm, 26cm, and 30cm sizes, each accompanied by perfectly fitting lids. Perfect Elevate your cooking experience with a touch of luxury in every dimension.


  • Material: Cast hard-anodised aluminium core with a stainless steel exterior. Non-stick surface, PFOA Free.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for all cooktops, including induction
  • Oven Safe: Up to 260 °C
  • Sizes: Available in 20cm, 26cm, and 30cm, each pan is equipped with a matching lid. Wok available in 30cm. Wok is FREE in this limited time offer.
  • Pan set total weight: 7.23kg
  • Wok total weight: 2.2kg

How to Use

  1. Maiden Voyage: Before embarking on your culinary journey, give your Vertex pan a gentle wash with mild soap and warm water.
  2. Season to Perfection: Elevate your cooking game by seasoning your pan. Apply a thin layer of a high smoke point cooking oil, and gently heat the pan for a few minutes to let the seasoning meld with its surface. This step enhances the non-stick magic, but it is not required every time you cook!
  3. Embrace Medium-Low: The key to culinary finesse lies in the dance of heat. The thick cast core guarantees an even distribution of heat, so only medium-low heat is required, even for optimal caramelised results!
  4. Savour the Creation, Simplify the Cleanup: After crafting your culinary masterpiece, revel in the joy of hassle-free cleanup. Wash your Vertex pan with a soft sponge and mild detergent. You may also use a steel scourer on the stainless steel elements of the pan.
  5. Dry and Store: Pat your Vertex pan dry and store it with the care it deserves. When stacking, place paper towel or pan protectors in-between each piece.

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