Spring 2022

Spring has sprung! And Show TV has a fantastic range of Spring ready products to get your home sorted in the warmer months! Our first Spring product is one that was an absolute
smash hit last year, and a must have for every home! Our Sabre Stool collapsible chairs are super handy for having a seat no matter where you end up! Whether it be a picnic, gardening, cleaning the car, watching the kids sport, or out for a fish. A compact, comfy chair is always received well! With six colours to choose from, and a handy carry strap on the stool, you’ll be prepared for any situation this spring!

Now we all know spring is traditionally a time for a ‘Spring Clean’ and our Nellie’s Cleaning products make this chore an easy and eco-friendly way to spruce up your home! With laundry, bathroom, kitchen, baby and even pet cleaning products, your place will be sparkling like a diamond in no time at all! This Canadian cleaning company consistently stays ahead of the game with their unique approach to keeping it clean. Their latest product the Nellie’s Ninety-Nine even turns everyday tap water into a super strong cleaning product that kills 99.9% of germs! Try it out for yourself, and save your wallet and the environment!

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I can almost guarantee that you have windows at your place, and if you’re anything like us, you hate having to clean them! Most of the time they are in awkward, hard to reach spots and you end up with more water and soap on yourself than the window! That’s where our WindoWow™ E-Blade saves the day! This rechargeable battery powered window vacuum sucks moisture off of your windows in a flash! And the included window squeegee means lathering up your windows has never been easier. Plus the 1.2m telescopic pole attachment means no more straining to reach awkward spots! The WindoWow™ E-Blade even has an onboard tank, so the excess water taken off your windows is stored in there, vs streaming down your arm. Pro-tip: use cold dishwashing liquid and water for the best streak free windows of your life!

Spring is a great time to empty out all of the junk around your property. Whether it be garden scraps, excess building materials, or maybe even that old fridge, you need a secure and safe way to transport your goods to their final resting place. The Great Bungee by BOA is a revolutionary way to secure your loads. The Great Bungee is adjustable, meaning there’s no guess work, or hoping for the best when judging your stack. Just clip on, slide to length, and tighten. With a patented camlock system, the Great Bungee adjusts from 20cm to 182cm quickly and easily for all your tie down needs! Grab a couple today and get those loads on the road!

Ready to sweep your way into Spring? Our Sweepa™ Rubber Broom range has everything you need to get hair, dust, leaves and general mess out of your life! The clever thing about the Sweepa products is that the natural rubber actually creates a natural electrostatic charge which actually attracts hair, dust and mess to it, so without much effort at all, the mess comes to you! The Sweepa™ brand has been around for decades in New Zealand and Australia with a stellar reputation behind it. The range are also washable, so say goodbye to built up bacteria on your brooms! Indoors, outdoors, windows, walls, floors, decks, leaves, bathrooms, cars, even pets! The Sweepa ™ Rubber Broom range will sweep it all in no time! And a 1.5m telescopic pole attachment for both the indoor and outdoor broom means there’s no place you can’t sweep!

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